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An alternative in Equitable Tourism

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The largest tropical forest in the world

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An alternative in Equitable Tourism

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Nomad lodges Amazonas

20% of the worlds oxygen and water


The Nomad Lodges concept was created in the spirit of the nomadic people of South America.

We invite travellers to discover places “picked by our hearts,” through a network of lodges built in harmony with the environment, offering a standard of quality and services made to meet the guests' expectations.

                        Pierre-A. Krüger

A new concept in ecotourism





Heart picks places

Colombia, Pacifique Coast

June 2017

Colombia, pre-colombian region

January 2017

Colombia, Amazon

June 2016

Peru, Altiplano

June 2018

Bolivia, Mission region

June 2021

Bolivia, Salt lake region

June 2020

Argentina, San Juan region

June 2019

Argentina, Patagonia

January 2018

Argentina, South Patagonia

January 2019

Chile, Tierra del Fuego

January 2020

A concept based on four elements

The largest tropical rainforest on our planet


The largest tropical rainforest on our planet

Nomad lodges Amazonas

In the heart of the Amazon...

The Amazon project, an emblematic image for our concept, is situated in an area housed within 500,000 hectares of the Colombian Amazon, bordering Brazil and Peru, of which 300,000 hectares are National Park territory and 200,000 are Indigenous Reservations. This area is rich in biodiversity and home to 500 bird species, 150 species of mammals and 1000 species of plants among others, surrounded by three indigenous ethnicities; the Tikuna, Yagua and Cocama.

After several journeys to the area, we chose a 96-hectare plot  near the Amacayacu National Park, which comprises 639 meters of riverbank and 1500 meters inside the forest.

This project presents an alternative in Equitable Tourism designed to help the conservation of the Amazonian forest and its inhabitants.

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In situ project integration

The experience begins on the Amazon River

Two boats will transport guests rapidly to the lodge and floating platforms will be available to help them dismount from the boats.


Ecotourism is a commitment

ATICOYA Indigenous communities

ATICOYA means Association of Ticunas, Cocamas and Yaguas which are the three tribes living in this region.

ATICOYA Indigenous communities

1 Palmeras

2 San Martin

3 Valencia

4 Puerto Esperanza

5 Veinte de Julio

6 Patrullero

7 Ticoya

8 San Francisco

9 Nuevo Paraïso

10 Santa Teresita

11 Villa Andréa



12  San Juan del Soco

13  Doce de Octubre

14 Puerto Rico

15 Santarem

16 Tipisca

17 Atacuari

18 Boyahuasu

19 Siete de Agosto

20 Naranjales

21 Pozo Redondo

22 Tarapoto

The twenty-two local indigenous communities including 5700 inhabitants belonging to 800 families;  1700 of them are children under 5 years of age.

The project's commitment with the local communities

Twelve projects for a total of two million dollars will be developed with the local communities giving them the possibility to contribute to the conservation of their environment and their culture.


Invest in a Luxury Sustainable project

Be part of a pioneering project at the centre of a powerful model of environmental protection.

As an investor, you will have the opportunity to visit the site, to invite your family, friends or guests, so that they can realise that through their support a real Amazon conservation project is being developed in collaboration with National Parks and the indigenous communities.