An alternative in Equitable Tourism

Luxury is elsewhere


A new concept of ecotourism

Nomad lodges projects

The Concept

Concept based on four elements

The Amazon

The largest tropical forest in the world

20% of the worlds oxygen and water

Nomad lodges Amazonas

In the heart of the Amazon

An alternative in Equitable Tourism

Project design

In situ project integration

The Nomad lodges experience

Our commitment

Aticoya indigenous communities

Aticoya territory

Our projects with the communities

Be part of a pioneering project

An opportunity for investors

Save the Amazon


USD 29,--


Little Sun and Nomad lodges join forces in a campaign to promote solar energy.

Offer a Little Sun to one of the 184 inhabitants of San Juan del Soco community. With this investment, one of the 184 inhabitants of the San Juan del Soco community will have access to clean energy for a period of 3 years, which leads to a reduction of 27 gallons of fuel and 230kg of Co2 in the atmosphere.